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Oh, yes, it’s a different physics we face today. And chaos theory and complexity are very important.

Those who are intrigued by the discussion of chaos in Cortada’s post might want to look at a working paper I’ve done: A Primer on Self-Organization: With some tabletop physics you can do at home <https://www.academia.edu/6238739/A_Primer_on_Self-Organization>. Here’s the abstract:

Concepts of self-organization and complexity originating in statistical mechanics have proven useful in many disciplines. This paper gives an informal development of basic concepts of entropy, irreversibility, phase space, and self-organization using a bit of table-top physics anyone can observe. I placed ink droplets into a tumbler of water and photographed the evolution of this system over four hours. Vertical convention cells (self-organization) had appeared by eight (8) minutes but were almost gone by two (2) hours and twenty (20) minutes.


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>        Subject: importance of physics
> James W. Cortada, author e.g. of The Digital Hand: How Computers Changed 
> the Work of American Manufacturing, Transportation, and Retail 
> Industries (2004) and two subsdquent volumes (2006, 2008), has published 
> a blog, "The importance of physics for humanists and historians" at the 
> OUP site, Academic Insights for the Thinking World, 
> https://blog.oup.com/2017/11/physics-for-humanists-historians/. 
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