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        Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2017 08:34:43 -0400
        From: Dot Porter <dot.porter at gmail.com>
        Subject: Re:  31.399 tools for edition visualisation & medieval Irish
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Hi Roberto,

I've been developing an edition using EVT 1.2 - will that be compatible
with this new version? Can I just load my sources into this new version and
assume it will work, or should I keep using the version I have?

I want to tell the list that I've used EVT for a few editions in the past
(since version 1.0), and it's great, relatively easy to use (just load in
images + TEI encoded according to spec and there you go!), and that Roberto
and his team are incredibly responsive to questions and feedback. If anyone
wants to know more about the experience of using EVT feel free to contact


> --[2]-------------------------------------------------------
> -----------------
>         Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2017 09:28:02 +0100
>         From: Roberto Rosselli Del Turco <roberto.rossellidelturco@
> fileli.unipi.it>
>         Subject: New version of EVT 2 released
> Edition Visualization Technology
> EVT 2 beta 1, aka "The Halloween release", is available for download
> with many new features: improved support for critical editions (critical
> apparatus also available in a dedicated text frame, apparatus fontium,
> support for multiple recensions), initial support for named entities,
> initial support for a working area, and more. As for previous versions
> the starting point is a TEI P5 document holding your critical or
> diplomatic edition, support for the latter is still incomplete since the
> EVT 1 features porting is currently under way.
> Full announcement available here:
> https://visualizationtechnology.wordpress.com/2017/10/31/evt-
> 2-beta-1-available-for-download/
> As usual, the latest archive can be downloaded from SourceForge:
> https://sourceforge.net/projects/evt-project/files/
> Let us know what you think of this release! please send all comments,
> suggestions, bug reports, etc. to evt.developers at gmail.com.
> R
> --
> Roberto Rosselli Del Turco   roberto.rossellidelturco at unito.it
> Dip. di Studi Umanistici     roberto.rossellidelturco at fileli.unipi.it
> Universita' di Torino        VBD: http://vbd.humnet.unipi.it/beta2/
> EVT: http://bit.ly/24D9kdE   VC: http://www.visionarycross.org/
>   Hige sceal the heardra,     heorte the cenre,
>   mod sceal the mare,       the ure maegen litlath.  (Maldon 312-3)
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