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        Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2017 13:27:46 +0200
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Il 22/06/17 07:45, Humanist Discussion Group ha scritto:

> I am writing for your advice regarding two cases of database projects
> in our Humanities faculty, which are, I believe, symptomatic:
> One was built a few years ago as an information systems student
> assignment as an Access DB and consists of many thousands of pdf's of
> short texts - only partly OCR'd, with varied fields of rich metadata.
> The other was built on a Drupal platform and consists of a growing
> number of sound and video files, transcribed and with fields of rich
> metadata. Both cannot be supported any longer by their original
> builders, and in both projects there are some funds to invest in the
> restructuring of the database.
> I would like to use this opportunity to make sure the projects move
> to an open, reusable and sustainable model. The problem: there is no
> DH lab or consultancy around yet, and as much as we are hoping that
> this will change soon, we have to take decisions fast in these two
> cases.  Could you share some tips, dos and don'ts, or refer my to any
> examples of best practice regarding databases?

the very aim of the restructuring would be to gather PDFs, videos and sound
files together, with their respective metadata, into one single 'repository',
isn't it?
the metadata types, i suppose, are different because different are the type of
objects they describe
what about building a digital library with a user interface allowing to query
the metadata describing the content?
and all that can be built with open source software

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