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        Subject: Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 42.1-2

Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 42.1-2 (March-June 2017)

"The Experimental Generation",
ed. Bronać Feran and Elizabeth Fisher

The experimental generation: networks of interdisciplinary praxis in post war
British art (1950-1970)
Bronać Ferran & Elizabeth Fisher
Pages: 1-3 

Original Articles

Gustav Metzger: iconoclasm and interdisciplinarity
Elizabeth Fisher
Pages: 4-29

Gaberbocchus press and the common room
Jasia Reichardt
Pages: 30-41

The cybernetic moment: Roy Ascott and the British cybernetic pioneers,
Nick Lambert
Pages: 42-53

Reading back from Experimental Painting
Stephen Bann
Pages: 54-65

Art as research: an interview with Liliane Lijn by Barry Miles
Liliane Lijn & Barry Miles
Pages: 66-78

Technological art and Studio International's eclectic vanguardism
Jonathan Benthall
Pages: 79-92

Cool nothing: Dom Sylvester Houédard's coexistentialist concrete poetics
Greg Thomas
Pages: 93-108

The Event in John Latham and Bob Cobbing | [Open Access]
Steve Willey 
Pages: 109-126 

The movement of the poem in the 1960s: from circle and line to zero and one,
from concretion to computation | [Open Access]
Bronać Ferran 
Pages: 127-143

Bridging the cultures: architecture, models and computers in 1960s Cambridge
Dean Hawkes
Pages: 144-157

Art That Makes Itself and other generative beginnings: Paul Brown interviewed by
Bronać Ferran
Paul Brown & Bronać Ferran 
Pages: 158-168

Systems theory, systems art and the computer: Ernest Edmonds interviewed by
Francesca Franco
Ernest Edmonds & Francesca Franco
Pages: 169-179 

Kinetic Art
Reg Gadney
Pages: 180-192 

A journey - crossing boundaries
G. L. Mallen
Pages: 193-200

The Conceptual Designer in 1965: Stephen Willats interviewed by Bronac Ferran
Stephen Willats & Interviewer Bronać Ferran 
Pages: 201-213 

The potential of destruction in art and science
Neal White
Pages: 214-224

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