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“Broken Time, Continued Evolution: Anachronies in Contemporary Films”
Maria Kanatova, Alexandra Milyakina, Tatyana Pilipovec, Artjom Shelya, Oleg Sobchuk, Peeter Tinits

Up to now, all our Pamphlets (https://litlab.stanford.edu/pamphlets/) have included at least one author who was formally affiliated with Stanford, as a student or teacher. Pamphlet 14 is different in this respect, as the entire group is composed of graduate students from the legendary Tartu University in Estonia. One of them, however – Oleg Sobchuk – spent six months at the Literary Lab, becoming so profoundly integrated in our research and discussion, that publishing this essay feels like the most natural thing in the world.

After the economic ideology of “Bankspeak”, and the cultural geography of “The Emotions of London”, “Broken Time” is the Literary Lab's first venture into film studies, to be followed in the Fall by a pamphlet on art history: a series of investigations which we hope will contribute to establish a common conceptual ground among the different branches of quantitative cultural history.

All pamphlets of the Literary Lab can be downloaded at:

Pamphlet 14 can be downloaded here: http://bit.ly/litlabp14

1. “Quantitative Formalism: An Experiment”
Sarah Allison, Ryan Heuser, Matthew Jockers, Franco Moretti, Michael Witmore

2. “Network Theory, Plot Analysis”
Franco Moretti

3. “Becoming Yourself: The Afterlife of Reception”
Ed Finn

4. “A Quantitative Literary History of 2,958 Nineteenth-Century British Novels: The Semantic Cohort Method”
Ryan Heuser, Long Le-Khac

5. “Style at the Scale of the Sentence”
Sarah Allison, Marissa Gemma, Ryan Heuser, Franco Moretti, Amir Tevel, Irena Yamboliev

6. “ ‘Operationalizing’: or, the Function of Measurement in Modern Literary Theory”
Franco Moretti

7. “Loudness in the Novel”
Holst Katsma

8. "Between Canon and Corpus: Six Perspectives on 20th-Century Novels”
Mark Algee-Hewitt, Mark McGurl

9. “Bankspeak: The Language of World Bank Reports, 1946-2012”
Franco Moretti, Dominique Pestre

10. “On Paragraphs. Scale, Themes, and Narrative Form”
Mark Algee-Hewitt, Ryan Heuser, Franco Moretti

11. "Canon/Archive. Large-scale Dynamics in the Literary Field”
Mark Algee-Hewitt, Sarah Allison, Marissa Gemma, Ryan Heuser, Franco Moretti, Hannah Walser

12. “Literature, Measured”
Franco Moretti

13. “The Emotions of London”
Ryan Heuser, Franco Moretti, Erik Steiner

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