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        Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2016 14:20:25 +0000
        From: Tara Andrews <tla at mit.edu>
        Subject: Computational background skills

Dear Humanist,

In my new role at the University of Vienna I am in the enviable (though
hectic) position of being able to create a Digital Humanities curriculum
more or less entirely from scratch. Prior teaching experience has brought
me to the conclusion that any curriculum of more than two or three classes
needs to have some sort of introductory (perhaps even remedial) course
available for students to get comfortable with how their computers work and
what sort of behavior to expect from these technological beasts.

To that end I am trying to gather a list of concepts and trivia that should
be covered over the course of 24-30 contact hours. The end result should be
that the students can take further DH courses without needing an
explanation of the command line, the filesystem, or program shells, and
ideally will know how to Google for the cause of an error message and
perhaps even understand most of an answer on Stack Overflow.

The list as it stands is available here
I will be only too happy to maintain it as a resource for anyone else who
wants to set up a similar course!

Best wishes,

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