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        Subject: TSD 2017 - Preliminary Call for Papers


	   The twentieth anniversary International Conference on
		      Praha (Prague), Czech Republic
			    August 27-31, 2017


* Invited speakers: Tomas Mikolov and other eminent personages with various
  expertise covering speech modeling, acoustic-phonetic decoding, dialogue
  systems, and semantics have been asked to give their respective pieces of
* TSD is traditionally published by Springer-Verlag and regularly listed in
  all major citation databases: Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings
  Citation Index, DBLP, SCOPUS, EI, INSPEC, COMPENDEX, etc.
* TSD offers high-standard transparent review process - double blind, final
  reviewers discussion.
* TSD will take place in the historical centre of Prague, the Capital of
  the Czech Republic in co-operation with the Institute of Formal and
  Applied Linguistics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles
* TSD provides an all-service package (conference access and material, all
  meals, one social event, etc.) for an easily affordable fee starting at
  290 EUR for students and 360 EUR for full participants.


TSD series have evolved as a prime forum for interaction between
researchers in both spoken and written language processing from all over
the world. Proceedings of the TSD conference form a book published by
Springer-Verlag in their Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI)
series. The TSD proceedings are regularly indexed by Thomson Reuters
Conference Proceedings Citation Index. LNAI series are listed in all major
citation databases such as DBLP, SCOPUS, EI, INSPEC, or COMPENDEX.


Topics of the 20th anniversary conference will include (but are not limited

    Speech Recognition (multilingual, continuous, emotional speech,
    handicapped speaker, out-of-vocabulary words, alternative way of
    feature extraction, new models for acoustic and language modelling).

    Corpora and Language Resources (monolingual, multilingual, text, and
    spoken corpora, large web corpora, disambiguation, specialized
    lexicons, dictionaries).

    Speech and Spoken Language Generation (multilingual, high fidelity
    speech synthesis, computer singing).

    Tagging, Classification and Parsing of Text and Speech (multilingual
    processing, sentiment analysis, credibility analysis, automatic text
    labeling, summarization, authorship attribution).

    Semantic Processing of Text and Speech (information extraction,
    information retrieval, data mining, semantic web, knowledge
    representation, inference, ontologies, sense disambiguation, plagiarism

    Integrating Applications of Text and Speech Processing (machine
    translation, natural language understanding, question-answering
    strategies, assistive technologies).

    Automatic Dialogue Systems (self-learning, multilingual,
    question-answering systems, dialogue strategies, prosody in dialogues).

    Multimodal Techniques and Modelling (video processing, facial
    animation, visual speech synthesis, user modelling, emotion and
    personality modelling).



March 31, 2017 ............ Deadline for submission of contributions
May 10, 2017 .............. Notification of acceptance or rejection
May 31, 2017 .............. Deadline for submission of camera-ready papers

August 27-31, 2017 ........ TSD2017 conference date

The proceedings will be provided on flash drives in form of navigable
content. Printed books will be available for extra fee.


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