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Dear Willard,

In relation to the question "has anyone instituted postdocs which 
train early-career academics in digital humanities by way of 
service-orientated apprenticeships?"

I don't know of anything like that but personally I did make my start in and learn my IT skills in IT service oriented work, but work that I did *instead of* an academic career as a matter of 'food on the table' after my BA. It has only been relatively recently that I've been able to combine the two with DH, but if I had managed to have a career in Humanities after my degree there is no way I would have learned all the IT skills I now have without having had that IT Service background. Many Arts graduates go into IT as a way of finding work after their degree. While a postdoc that trains you in IT by putting you in a service role would be nice for one lucky person to get, it might also make sense to also look at recruiting all those Arts grads who went into IT because they had to get a job, back into DH. I'm sure they'd love the opportunity.

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