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        Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2016 14:12:01 +0000
        From: Bethany Nowviskie <bnowviskie at CLIR.ORG>
        Subject: Call for Nominations: DLF Community/Capacity Award!

> Nominations are now open for the first annual Digital Library Federation Community/Capacity Award! 
> https://www.diglib.org/opportunities/community-capacity-award/ 
> The DLF Comm/Cap Award is a new expression of gratitude from the full Digital Library Federation membership, to be selected each year by vote. 
> First announced at the "Community and Capacity" panel of the 2015 DLF Forum, Comm/Caps are not prizes for pure innovation, individualism, or disruption. Instead, this award honors constructive capacity-building in digital libraries and allied fields: efforts that contribute to our ability to collaborate across institutional lines and/or work toward something larger, together. DLF Comm/Caps are about community spirit, generosity, openness, and care for fellow digital library, archives, and museum practitioners and for the various publics and missions we serve.
> The 2016 DLF Comm/Cap Award will go to an inspiring project, team, or person selected by the Digital Library Federation membership at large (one org, one vote: DLF member institutions will decide locally how to make their pick!). Nominated work may be primarily technical, social, or a blend of the two, and there is no requirement that nominees be affiliated with a DLF member institution.
> This year's winner (person or group) will receive a $1000 prize, one free Forum registration, and assistance with travel expenses to make it possible for a representative to accept the award in person at the 2016 DLF Forum in Milwaukee, WI, 7-9 November 2016: https://www.diglib.org/forums/2016forum/ 
> Send your nominations now through May 1st: http://goo.gl/forms/SEPqkxGgl0   
> — and help DLF celebrate the community spirit that makes our field more than the sum of its parts. 
> Bethany Nowviskie 
> Director of the Digital Library Federation (DLF) at CLIR
> Research Associate Professor of Digital Humanities at UVa
> diglib.org | clir.org | ndsa.org | nowviskie.org

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