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  [1]   From:    Geoffrey Rockwell <grockwel at ualberta.ca>                  (26)
        Subject: New Scholars Symposium

  [2]   From:    Elena_González-Blanco <elenagonzalezblanco at yahoo.es>     (21)
        Subject: DayofDH 2016 8th April - Registration opened

        Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2016 16:53:50 +0100
        From: Geoffrey Rockwell <grockwel at ualberta.ca>
        Subject: New Scholars Symposium

New Scholars Symposium at DH 2016

Call for Applications: 

CHCI and centerNet are collaborating to organize a pre-conference seminar for new scholars interested in the digital humanities. We have arranged for support for up to up to 20 scholars to help with the costs of transportation and accommodation.

The Kule Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Alberta is organizing this seminar on behalf of CHCI and centerNet. Rachel Hendery (Senior Lecturer in Digital Humanities, Western Sydney University) and Geoffrey Rockwell (Director, Kule Institute for Advanced Study, University of Alberta, Canada) will convene the New Scholars Seminar.

What is the New Scholars Seminar?

The NSS is an unconference event on Sunday 10th July preceding the DH2016 conference. The event is for new scholars to meet and develop research collaborations in the digital humanities. The agenda for the unconference events will be set by the participants.  (See this <http://chcinetwork.org/news/new-scholars%E2%80%99-seminar-nss-university-western-sydney <http://chcinetwork.org/news/new-scholars%E2%80%99-seminar-nss-university-western-sydney>> and related blog posts on last year's NSS at DH2015 in Sydney.)

Who would participate?

For the purposes of this seminar a "new scholar" is defined as someone who is either a graduate student or someone who has received their PhD within the last 5 years (or longer if a case is made for career interruption). Postdoctoral fellows and people in alternative academic positions are welcome to apply.

Participation will be by reviewed application and accommodation/travel support will be limited to 20 people, who must be affiliated with a CHCI or centerNet member organization. 

How does one apply?

Applications are due by April 15. Applications include i) a Statement of Research that outlines your research interests in digital humanities; ii) a letter of support from a CHCI centre/institute director, including a statement specifying the matching funds the centre will offer to supplement the CHCI and centerNet contributions toward the applicant’s trip; and iii) a short two-page CV. Applications should be sent to the Kule Institute for Advanced Study <kias at ualberta.ca> at the University of Alberta.

What sort of support will be provided?

CHCI and centerNet have negotiated a support package for participants, requiring matching support from the applicant’s home institution.

For participants from outside Europe:

	• CHCI will provide $750 USD  in support of up to 10 participants outside Europe who are sponsored by CHCI institutes. centerNet will provide a further $250 USD in support for these participants.
	• The sponsoring CHCI institutes are expected to provide matching support to the applicants if they are accepted.
Participants from within Europe will receive the following support:

	• CHCI will provide $250 USD. CenterNet will provide a further $100 USD in support for these participants.
	• The sponsoring CHCI institutes are expected to provide matching support to the applicants if they are accepted.
For the purposes of the award, Europe is defined as any country within Continental Europe, and the United Kingdom and Ireland.

New Scholars Seminar Programme:

The programme for the seminar will be developed by the participants once accepted and coordinated by the Kule Institute for Advanced Study. The idea is to empower new scholars to develop their own research directions and collaborations. There will therefore be two phases:

	• Before the on site portion of the Seminar there will be an online component. Participants will share their Statements and negotiate what will happen during the seminar. We expect there will be clusters of research interests that emerge which can form the intellectual backbone of the Seminar. KIAS will coordinate an online conversation that will encourage leadership to emerge from within the group so that the actual structure of the on site days will be primarily organized by the participants.
	• The on site portion of the Seminar will take place on 10th July. The program will include short presentations by participants addressing issues identified in online discussion and unconference activities.

        Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2016 20:09:42 +0000 (UTC)
        From: Elena_González-Blanco <elenagonzalezblanco at yahoo.es>
        Subject: DayofDH 2016 8th April - Registration opened

Dear Digital Humanists,

It is a pleasure for us to announce that the DayofDH 2016 website has just been opened! The Day will take place on April 8th and we invite you to spread this message across mailing lists, social networks and other channels in order to reach the maximum number of Digital Humanists in the world! Our purpose is to answer the question: What do digital humanists do? and see which the panorama is in 2016.

DayofDH, a Centernet initiative is hosted for the second  time outside North America, organized by LINHD, parallel activities will be developed in the different countries to “celebrate” the Day. Editathons, thatcamps and crowdsourcing events will be planned and announced via this web! We offer a bilingual Engish/Spanish version, new templates and tools which will enrich your day experiences!

To know more, visit us at www.dayofdh2016.uned.es and in our Twitter: @DayofDH

Let’s experience the new adventure of DAYOFDH2016!!

The LINHD Team


 Queridos Humanistas Digitales:

¡Es un placer para nosotros anunciar que hemos abierto el registro en la web del DayofDH 2016, que tendrá lugar el 8 de marzo de 2016 durante todo el día! les invitamos a difundir este mensaje a través de todas las listas de correo, redes sociales y otros canales para conseguir que llegue al máximo número de interesados en las Humanidades digitales en el mundo. Nuestro propósito es encontrar la respuesta a la pregunta: ¿Qué hacen los humanistas digitales? y averiguar qué sucede en 2016.

Por segunda vez, el DayofDH, una iniciativa de Centernet, es organizado por LINHD, pero además estará acompañado de diferentes actividades paralelas en otros lugares y países para celebrarlo: editatones, thatcamps y crowdsourcing events se planificarán y anunciarán también a través de esta web. Ofrecemos una versión bilingüe con nuevas plantillas y funcionalidades que esperamos que disfrutéis.

Acudid a la web www.dayofdh2016.uned.es y descubriréis más detalles. Y por supuesto, manteneos al tanto de las novedades en nuestro Twitter: @DayofDH

El equipo de LINHD

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