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I have enjoyed the application of reverse reading to a text that advocates
reading in reverse. And these excerpts may be of interest to subscribers
to Humanist.

The poet brings us through manipulation of the stuff of language to
consider our investments. In particular, to meditate upon the meaning of
evidence. Suffice it to say that his discourse on e-gap turns towards the
end on agape --

Agape -- as if the mouth were wide open -- as if the page wide open -- were
ready for anything we might say or do to it -- for it

Including the reverse reading we have encountered on preceding pages Â

Page backwards spells a new word -- egap -- & we half-understand such
e-words now

There is an egap in our relation to writing on paper this day -- perhaps it
has always been there

Example -- what of the strangeness of electronic signatures -- the hand has
not been a shadow or weight on that page -- the written has been
photographed & clipped & pasted

There is an egap between the legend of John Hancock & the legend of rag-paper

Or what of the persisting cult of the signed copy -- what is treasured is
the evidence of the maker's body having been a shadow over that copy of
that book -- she wrote it & was here & left a tracing

This is from Phil Hall Notes From Gethsemani: Inaugural Page Lecture - in
Honour of Janne Page Queen's University - November 14, 2012 Vancouver:
Nomados, 2014. [The Gethsemani in question is the Abbey of Gethsemani in
Kentucky where Thomas Merton, worked, studied and prayed. And, of course,

I have quite yet to work out just what an "gap" between legends might be ...

Francois Lachance

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