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        Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2016 04:50:25 +0000
        From: Kara Kennedy <kara.kennedy at pg.canterbury.ac.nz>
        Subject: Improving Digital Humanities Wikipedia article

Dear Digital Humanities scholars,

Following on from my talk on academia and Wikipedia at the aaDH Digital Humanities Australasia Conference in June, I would like to invite others in the community to help improve the Digital Humanities article on the English-language Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_humanities).

This article receives over 5,000 pageviews a month and is the top hit on Google when someone searches for Digital Humanities, in effect making it one of the public faces of DH. Yet the article is relatively short and only receives a grade of C on the quality scales of various WikiProjects. Wikipedia can be a sensitive topic for academics, but I believe that its dominance necessitates our getting involved and improving the quality and diversity of information available, especially concerning our area of research/teaching.

My goal is to raise the article to 'featured article' status by the end of the year (and try to have it appear on Wikipedia's home page at some point too). I encourage others to either edit the article themselves and communicate on the Talk page, or contribute to a discussion of what information belongs in a solid encyclopedia entry.

Thank you,
Kara Kennedy
PhD Candidate in English
University of Canterbury
dunescholar.com http://www.dunescholar.com/

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