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  [1]   From:    Laura Hartmann <hartmann.la at husky.neu.edu>                (16)
        Subject: Re: Call for Projects for the Issue 2 of the DHCommons

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        Subject: Call for Papers - Digital Publishing for the Humanities and
                Social Sciences

        Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2016 12:45:41 -0500
        From: Laura Hartmann <hartmann.la at husky.neu.edu>
        Subject: Re: Call for Projects for the Issue 2 of the DHCommons Journal
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We are pleased to announce a Call for Projects for the Issue 2 of the *DHCommons


Also, following the launch of its first issue 
(http://dhcommons.org/journal/issue-1), *DHCommons* is seeking feedback
from the digital humanities community. Please see this survey
http://goo.gl/forms/9XMqxTIaEI  for input.

Padmini Ray Murray
Managing Editor of the *DHCommons* Journal

Laura Hartmann-Villalta
Editorial assistant at DHCommons  http://dhcommons.org/journal , the
official journal of centerNet
Instructor / Ph.D. Candidate
English Department
Northeastern University

        Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2016 15:25:06 +0000
        From: UTP Journals <thawkic551 at rogers.com>
        Subject: Call for Papers - Digital Publishing for the Humanities and Social Sciences
        In-Reply-To: <CAMdkWx8FgmP0-BZd+WGAvkPzerUaYd6PFDY23yHaWs1taKZhiw at mail.gmail.com>

Call for Submissions!

Journal of Scholarly Publishing Special Issue: Digital Publishing for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Deadline: July 15, 2016

Send all submissions to: jsp at utpress.utoronto.ca<mailto:jsp at utpress.utoronto.ca>

Digital forms of scholarship present opportunities and challenges for scholarly publishers, who until recently have been used to defining their work as the production of books and journals in the material medium of print. Now that digital technology has liberated books and journals, as forms, from the necessary materiality of print, the forms of scholarship are being reimagined in ways that were previously not possible.

For a special issue of the Journal of Scholarly Publishing, set to appear as volume 48, number 2 in January 2017, the coeditors invite submissions from those who are currently engaged in the promising but uncertain work of reimagining scholarship in digital forms. For scholarship designed indivisibly from the technology that enabled it or designed dually for digital and print distribution, publishers must work outside the traditional book. But the need to publish remains the same, if publishing means reviewing, authenticating, editing, archiving, curating, disseminating, and promoting scholarship for reception by the audience for which it was created. For anyone with insight or experience in how publishing works, or might work, in a digital medium, we welcome submissions. Anyone could include publishers, librarians, scholars, editors, designers, technologists, administrators, that is, anyone who works within the ecosystem of scholarly publishing.

Suggested submissions include the following:

  *   case studies of ventures, projects, and partnerships in digital publishing
  *   reports of scholarly experimentation in digital forms and the process of making it public
  *   discussions of peer review, editing, design, and production in digital workflows
  *   recommendations for funding and sustainability of digital publications
  *   empirical research on the reach and impact of digital publications
  *   theoretical visions of how the digital medium changes the message of scholarship
  *   assessments of the impacts, both positive and negative, of digital forms of publishing on the economic viability of publishers
  *   studies of the impact of digital options on the distribution and marketing of humanities and social science scholarship
  *   proposals for changes in the ways scholars, librarians, and publishers work together, both within and across these professional categories

Submissions should be between 2,000 and 5,000 words, excluding references, tables, and figures. The coeditors and one outside referee will review all submissions, and those selected for publication will be sent back to the author(s) with queries for revision. Publication will be contingent on satisfactorily resolving all queries. Other specific requirements for the content and format of submissions, including references, are available here: http://www.utpjournals.press/journals/jsp/journal/authors.

The Journal of Scholarly Publishing has been published since 1969 by the University of Toronto Press. It is indexed by Project MUSE, Academic Search Complete, and Computers & Applied Sciences Complete.

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ARK is available free online http://digital.utpjournals.com/t/35611 . >> http://bit.ly/ARKutp

For Submission information visit: http://www.utpjournals.com/Journal-of-Scholarly-Publishing.html

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