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Dear Arianna,

Thank you very much for sharing your literary references. 
They are valuable for the initiate as well as the 
non-expert, and they inspire me to quote from a text Octavio 
Paz wrote for his 'Los Hijos del Limo' (Barcelona, 1974): 
"Analogy is the metaphor in which otherness dreams itself as 
unity and the difference conceives itself illusionarily as 
identity." I'm translating here from the German translation, 
because I don't have the Spanish original at hand, this 
process perhaps itself being a revealing sidenote about the 
efficacy and the tragedy of analogy and metaphor. One might 
also confront heuristic metaphoric modelling with Hans 
Blumenberg's metaphorology (Archiv für Begriffsgeschichte. 
Band 6 [1960], S. 5–142) where he identifies 'absolute 
metaphors' that escape logicity as 'basic ingredients of 
philosophical language' and burdens to objectivity.


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