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Dear all

Discussion of a coffee-cup brings to mind Georg Simmels's discussion of 
duality in handle design and creation:

Simmel, G. 1959. The handle.
In Georg Simmel, 1858-1918: A collection of essays, with translations 
and a bibliography ed. K.H. Wolff, 267-75. Columbus, OH: Ohio State 
University Press.

The principle of the handle--to mediate between the work of art and the 
world while it remains wholly incorporated in the art form--is finally 
confirmed by the fact that its counterpart, the opening or spout of the 
vessel, works according to an analogous principle. With the handle the 
world approaches the vessel; with the spout the vessel reaches out into 
the world. Only in receiving its current through the handle and in 
yielding it again through the opening is the vessel fully integrated 
into human teleology. 272

best wishes

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