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        From: THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS <no-reply at email.arizona.edu>
        Subject: Second Announcement and Final Call for Abstracts

Second Announcement and Final Call for Abstracts                               
(Formerly, 'Toward a Science of Consciousness')
April 25-30, 2016 - Loews Ventana Canyon Resort-Tucson, AZ  

After 23 years, the seminal conference 'Toward a Science of Consciousness' is
now 'The Science of Consciousness'. But as consciousness cannot be observed,
nor commonly defined, is there now a true 'Science of Consciousness'? Are we
there yet?

We don't have definite answers, but do have directions and essential questions.
Is the brain a computer? Does it process or generate information according to
'integrated information', 'global workspace', 'predictive coding', 'scale-
invariant dynamics', 'Bayesian probabilities', 'pre-frontal feedback' or
'synchronous oscillations'? Did consciousness emerge during biological
evolution, and if so, when, where, and how? Is consciousness causal, or are we
just 'along for the ride'? Will consciousness be reproduced through brain
mapping, transhumanism and/or artificial intelligence?

Or does the brain 'tune into' and organize conscious precursors existing
naturally in the universe? Will understanding of consciousness come through the
quantum wavefunction, panpsychism, cosmology, or the very structure of
spacetime geometry? Has consciousness been in the universe all along, and if
so, did life and the brain evolve because of consciousness? What are the
implications of either view on the nature of existence and treatment of mental
and cognitive disorders?  

These questions and many others will be debated, discussed, celebrated and
argued during a weeklong gathering of scientists, philosophers, artists,
meditators and interested people from 70 countries at Loews Ventana Canyon
Resort, a luxurious eco-lodge in the mountains just north of Tucson, Arizona.
The pre-conference workshop program is complete, the plenary speaker list is
growing, and the social, entertainment and exhibit programs are taking shape.
The abstract submission deadline for plenary, concurrent, poster and exhibit
consideration has been extended to December 31. A preliminary Plenary Program
will be announced in December. See below for themes, confirmed Plenary
speakers, pre-conference workshops, social events and other information.     

Psychologist, philosopher and 'father' of the science of consciousness William
James wrote: 'to have a glimpse of what consciousness is would be the
scientific achievement before which all others would pale.' Join us on the path
to that first glimpse.

Themes and topics will include: 
    * Three Roads to Consciousness: 'GW', 'PC' and 'HOT'
    * Moving From Correlates to Causes of Consciousness                                
    * Machine Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence
    * Origin and Evolution of Life and Consciousness
    * Quantum Brain Biology
    * Transcranial Brain Stimulation
    * The Karl Pribram Session - Levels,
    * Scale and Content of Consciousness
    * Mechanisms of Anesthesia and
    * Psychoactive Drugs
    * Virtual Reality
    * Consciousness and the Wavefunction
    * End-of-life Brain Activity 

Plenary speakers will include: 

Gyorgy Buzsaki, NYU, Neuroscience Institute, New York    
Stanislas Dehaene, INSERM-CEA, Paris 
Stuart Kauffman, Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle
Harmut Neven, Google
Walter Freeman, UC-Berkeley
Katherine Peil, Northeastern University, Boston
Stuart Hameroff, University of Arizona, CCS, Tucson
Terrence Deacon, UC-Berkeley
George Mashour, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Biyu Jade He, NYU Neuroscience/Radiology
Anirban Bandyopadhyay, NIMS, Tsukuba
Rudolph Tanzi, Harvard, Massachusetts General, Boston
Deepak Chopra, Chopra Center, Carlsbad; UC-San Diego
David Chalmers, NYU; ANU
Henry Stapp, UC-Berkeley
Christian Szegedy, Google
Anil Seth, University of Sussex, Brighton 
Aaron Schurger, Ecole Polytechnique Federale, Lausanne  
Anthony Hudetz, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Jimo Borjigin, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Alison Gopnik, UC-Berkeley
Dean Radin, IONS, Petaluma
Jakob Hohwy, Monash University, Melbourne
Alyssa Ney, UC-Davis

MONDAY Morning, April 25, 2016  9am-1pm     
    * Kant and the Conscious
    * Quantum Biology- Nature of Life 
Consciousness, Memory and Music  
DEI East-West Forum I           
Consciousness Versus Attention  
Altered State Healing In the
Curriculum for Consciousness
Psi Research and Consciousness  


Conference Website 

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