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        Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2015 10:57:44 -0500
        From: "James O'Sullivan" <josullivan.c at gmail.com>
        Subject: Hoover on "the magic that is literature"

I was just proofreading an introduction that I finished writing this
morning, and wanted to share the following passage with the community
(particularly those of you interested in digital literary studies):

"An analogy that jumps readily to mind can be traced back to a particular
exchange at one of the community’s largest annual gatherings, the Digital
Humanities Summer Institute, hosted by the University of Victoria, British
Columbia. Each year, DHSI instructors welcome participants with an outline
of what materials they will be covering throughout the Institute. Typically
collegial and informal, this particular welcome session took on a Harry
Potter theme, with the majority of instructors promising to teach students
new bouts of computational wizardry. When the turn of David Hoover came,
there was a change to the theme. Professor Hoover, an eminent figure in the
field of computational stylistics, was quick to point out that participants
would not be doing magical things with computers, but rather, using
computers to assist their understanding of the magic that is literature."

It's a sentiment which I believe we would all do well to remember as we go
about our work as digital humanists.

All the very best,

*James O'Sullivan *
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