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        Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2015 22:22:19 -0700
        From: Brett Lunceford <brettlunceford at gmail.com>
        Subject: Media Ecology Association 2016 Convention

The Seventeenth Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association
Call for Papers


Interfaces of Play and Game: Engaging Media Ecosystems

June 23-26, 2016
University of Bologna
Bologna, Italy

MEA Convention Coordinators: Paolo Granata, Elena Lamberti, Brett Lunceford
UNIBO Coordinators: Roberto Farnè, Mirco Dondi

The University of Bologna, Italy, is proud to bring the Media Ecology
Association to Europe for the first time and host the 17th Annual
Convention in Bologna and Rimini on June 23-26, 2016. Considered the oldest
university in the Western world, the history of the University of Bologna
speaks to its role as the crossroads of a variety of scholarly traditions
and changes involving the broader society. The University of Bologna
provides a welcoming setting for old and new MEA members, inviting
scholars, professionals, and interested people to attend from different
fields, as well as from different nations.

The 17th Annual Convention, focusing on the theme “Interfaces of Play and
Game,” invites papers, panels and creative projects exploring the topic
within complex media ecosystems. We encourage participants to start from an
appreciation of game and play in the broader context of media ecology,
therefore overcoming too specialized understanding of both terms. Playing
with Johan Huizinga’s idea that game and play are older than culture, we
seek to recall the multifaceted symbolic dimensions embedded by these very
terms: at its roots the word game means participation, communion, and
people together; similarly, the word play introduces the ideas of
cultivating, taking care of, and performing. Therefore interfaces of play
and game engage us in a plurality of explorations, all placing media and
media environments at the core. Lines of investigations may include but are
not limited to the following:

·  game/play as frames for meta-communication
·  game/play as rituals
·  game/play as strategies for storytelling
·  game/play as self/meta-representations
·  game/play as entertainment
·  game/play as educational strategies
·  game/play as system and complexity theories

Although we encourage submissions that touch upon or align with the
convention theme, papers, abstracts, and panel proposal submissions from
all areas of Media Ecology are welcome. A maximum of two submissions per
author will be accepted. Authors who wish their papers to be considered for
the Top Paper or Top Student Paper award must indicate this on their
submission(s). The top papers will be published in Explorations in Media
Ecology. All submissions will be acknowledged. The language of the
convention is English.

Guidelines for Submission (Deadline extended to December 1, 2015)

Please submit all papers, panels, and proposals to


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