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        Date: Sun, 24 May 2015 22:54:04 +0100
        From: "Dr E. Tal" <et382 at CAM.AC.UK>
        Subject: Conference: The Making of Measurement, Cambridge, 23-24 July 2015

Registration is now open for The Making of Measurement, an international 
conference to be held at the University of Cambridge on 23-24 July 2015.

The Making of Measurement is an interdisciplinary conference that seeks 
to consolidate an emerging international community of scholars 
interested in the history and/or philosophy of measurement. This new 
wave of scholarship is still in an embryonic stage and no general 
conceptual frameworks or schools of thought have yet emerged. 
Inevitably, tensions exist between methodologically-diverse approaches 
across the fields of philosophy, history, and sociology of science, 
particularly with respect to whether measurement outcomes reflect facts 
about nature, or about human tools and concepts. Hence the goal of this 
conference to bring together scholars to review recent advances and to 
identify key issues for further development. This decade is also seeing 
dramatic changes in the metric system because four scientific units are 
being redefined in terms of fundamental constants; the contemporary 
relevance of a systematic approach in the humanities to the study of 
measurement is therefore particularly strong.

Keynote speakers are:

Nancy Cartwright, Durham University
Graeme Gooday, University of Leeds
Terry Quinn, International Bureau of Weights and Measures

For more information and to register please visit the conference 

You are invited to visit the conference Facebook page:

With best wishes,

Daniel Mitchell
Eran Tal
Hasok Chang

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