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        Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 15:14:16 -0400
        From: Molly Des Jardin <mdesjardin at gmail.com>
        Subject: help on PCA for WORD LAB at Penn Libraries

Good afternoon all,

I am a co-organizer of the University of Pennsylvania Libraries text
analysis interest group, WORD LAB. We have been reading articles lately
that use principal component analysis as a methodology but are having a
hard time wrapping our heads around it and fully understanding the
significance of their results. These articles don't explain what they are
doing very well, and the pieces we've found online on PCA generally have
been hard to understand as well.

WORD LAB features a speaker either in person or via Skype every couple of
weeks from September through May, where we hear about a topic or research
project and have a discussion together. We'd be very interested in having
someone talk to us about PCA and we could ask some questions and clear up
some of our confusion, especially with a concrete example. Would anyone who
has used PCA in their research (and doesn't have to be text analysis
focused) be interested in joining us for a session in October or November?

We meet every Tuesday 1:30-3 pm EST, but could move our meeting that week
to accommodate the speaker's schedule. Also, it is nothing too formal -- we
like to have discussions rather than presentations.

Please get in touch with me directly at mdesjardin at gmail.com if you'd like
to join us, or know someone who I might contact.


Molly C. Des Jardin, PhD
Japanese Studies Librarian
University of Pennsylvania

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