[Humanist] 29.9 DARIAH et al: congratulations, but what is it?

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        From: Gabrielle Dean <gnodean at jhu.edu>
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Congratulations! What is DARIAH?

I do mean it about the congratulations--very cool.

But I would also appreciate a more consistent practice of acronym unpacking in this space. Not to single anyone out, really; acronyms are rampant here and everywhere in academia and frequently go undefined.

I read many, many, many announcements of events/projects/conferences/publications on this lovely list (happy birthday!)--in fact, I read it in large part for those announcements, so I can tweet about appropriate information to a group of related researchers. But if I have to go to your website, find your "about" page, and read the first paragraph before I know what your acronym stands for (much less what you do), well, that is a bit of a barrier. Not hugely onerous, but a barrier nonetheless.

Please make it easier for those of us who are outside your immediate community to know who you are! Especially in these days of the Digital Diversity conference (http://digitaldiversity2015.org/), it seems a good thing to remember about how to make our activities more broadly accessible.


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