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        Date: Tue, 5 May 2015 11:48:07 -0400
        From: Kim <kimberleymartin at gmail.com>
        Subject: Call for participation: Historians and Serendipity


 I am a PhD student investigating the role of serendipity in the historical
research process. Could you please share the following to help me garner
participants from the DH community?

Thank you!

Kim Martin


For the past several years, my research as a PhD student in Library and
Information Science has allowed me to delve into the information behavior
of practicing historians. I’ve studied their use of technology, of both the
physical and digital library, and their communication behavior. I’ve
published on their awareness and knowledge of e-books, and am now looking
to develop one section of the findings from that paper into my thesis.

I am currently seeking practicing historians and history students to
complete an online survey that should take about 15 mins. The survey
investigates the role that serendipity (or that “A-ha!” moment) plays in
historical research. There are four sections to this survey: Section A -
the participant’s own research, Section B - the participants' serendipitous
experiences with research material, Section C - serendipitous experiences
as they occur in the digital information environment, and Section D -
demographics. All participants will remain anonymous.

You can participate in the survey by clicking here:

*http://tinyurl.com/lm47wxo  http://tinyurl.com/lm47wxo *

Please email any comments or questions to Kim at diggingdh at gmail.com.

forward to hearing from you!

Kim Martin
PhD Candidate
Faculty of Information and Media Studies
University of Western Ontario
Twitter: @antimony27
Blog: http://howhumanistsread.com/  http://howhumanistsread.wordpress.com/

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