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This sounds very interesting and my poor knowledge of this area (Rhetoric Studies) would benefit from reading this book [1].

However, it may be worth noting that I am implementing practically an argument and belief system (within a BM project/team) using a specialisation of the CIDOCCRMwhich makes it possible to make assertions (beliefs) and convey arguments (observation, inference making and belief adoption). We implement it in the same 'real world' knowledge representation system used to represent 'canonical' data (although this is not a pre-requisite), and means that we can openly and transparently retain the full (connected) provenance of an argument and the assertions that evidence it (back to an original premise) that may take place over large periods of time  - and hopefully use computer reasoning to analyse the discourse. We are developing a software tool at the moment.

This type of thing, to me, seems to address the Big Tent issue and is an essential contribution to DH/HC epistemology that helps define what the Tent is and what it is for.

Anyway, as long as it isn't too expensive I will purchase a copy. :-)


PS. Happy to explain the KR system to anyone interested - Its called CRMInf (Conceptual Reference Model Inference). Sorry if this is actually off subject and I have misunderstood. 

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