[Humanist] 28.784 call for editors: Minimal Computing

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Tue Mar 3 08:14:29 CET 2015

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        Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2015 05:52:11 +0200
        From: Alex Gil <colibri.alex at gmail.com>
        Subject: Call for editors: Minimal Computing Site

Dear all,

We are making progress on our GO::DH, Minimal Computing informational site.
Thanks to Brian Rosenblum for developing the Jekyll/github.io site
 http://blros.github.io/mincomp/ . If you would like to be a direct editor
of the site send me a private reply so we can add you to the github repo.
If you have suggestions for resources and blogs that you want to share with
humanist, don't let me stop you!

I will send out another announcement when the site is complete!

My best from DHI Beirut <https://dhibeirut.wordpress.com/>,
Alex Gil

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