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        Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2015 16:46:41 +0200
        From: Gregory Crane <gregory.crane at TUFTS.EDU>
        Subject: Essay -- The Work of Greco-Roman Studies in a Digital Age

[This is hopefully the last essay, at least for a while, in a series 
that I have published on Digital Classics.]

*Abstract*: Who is the audience for the work that we professional 
researchers conduct on Greco-Roman culture? Frequently heard remarks, 
observed practices and published survey results indicate most of us 
still assume that only specialists and revenue-generating students 
really matter. If the public outside of academia does not have access to 
up-to-date data about the Greco-Roman world, whose problem is it? If we 
specialists do not believe that we have a primary responsibility to open 
up the field as is now possible in a digital age, then I am not sure why 
we should expect support from anyone other than specialists or the 
students who enroll in our classes. If we do believe that we have an 
obligation to open up the field, then that has fundamental implications 
for our daily activities, for our operational theory justifying the 
existence of our positions, and for the hermeneutics (following a term 
that is stil popular in Germany) that we construct about who can know what.

The full text is at http://tinyurl.com/nweeyfu.

Comments welcome: gcrane2008 at gmail.com

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