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        Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2015 14:59:01 +0000
        From: David Berry <D.M.Berry at sussex.ac.uk>
        Subject: Postdigital Aesthetics: Book Launch 6pm Monday 7th December

Postdigital Aesthetics
Art, Computation And Design
– David M. Berry and Michael Dieter

Monday 7th December at 6pm
Digital Humanities Research Lab, 2nd Floor Silverstone, University of Sussex

We would like to welcome you to the book launch of Postdigital Aesthetics: Art, Computation and Design (2015) edited by David M. Berry and Michael Dieter (following the research seminar by Federica Frabetti at 4pm). With a response from Beatrice Fazi. Followed by drinks.

Postdigital Aesthetics presents a constellation of contributors who seek to unpack, explore and critically reflect on the questions raised by the notion of the postdigital and its relation to our computational everyday lives. Through a number of interventions, each chapter subjects the concept and ideas that surround our ideas of an aesthetic of the postdigital to critical examination to understand the new asterism of material digital culture in the twenty-first century. From Minecraft to post-internet art, each contributor offers an original perspective on network culture and its distinctive aesthetics and politics, and the relations between art, computation and design.

'What is the digital? Or rather, what was it? And how has culture changed, now that the Internet got normal? In this capacious compendium of essays, some of the world's leading scholars discuss the art and culture of the present age, a time not so much 'of' the digital but forged in reaction to it. From the New Aesthetic and Post-Internet Art to more exotic trends in contemporary theory, this timely volume explores what it means to see, feel, and think after the advent of ubiquitous digitality.' Alexander R. Galloway, New York University, USA

"Computational thought and perspectives now permeate every aspect of our lives and profoundly influence our cultural and aesthetic perceptions, leading to claims of the emergence of a new aesthetic. However, the postdigital landscape is not the techno-utopian dream of Silicon Valley, but a vibrant, messy, conflicted and confusing arena of debate and uncertainty which challenges every aspect of our cultural formation, including our own humanity. This groundbreaking collection of essays is a thought-provoking guide to a new and contested intellectual territory.' Andrew Prescott, University of Glasgow, UK

We look forward to seeing you there.




Dr. David M. Berry
Silverstone 316
School of Media, Film and Music
University of Sussex,
East Sussex. BN1 8PP

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