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I agree that teaching reading in a neglected topic - we get 18 year olds in who have been spoon fed in textbooks, and generally academics hope they will magically learn how to read a wide range of materials. 

I have been doing this for years - putting texts on the projector and working through the structure of paragraphs and chapters.  I started with OHP transparencies and markers, and now do it using iAnnotate on the iPad, showing how and why they should use different colours of highlight. I require them to extract mind maps from readings to show the visual structure of the argument, use mind maps or similar to map debates over arrange of readings, and develop those into essay plans - where an 'essay' might now be an essay, a website, a podcast or video so they can express themselves in many formats. 

Even though its only a year old, I could update this blog post but it gives an overview http://www.mikecosgrave.com/blog2006/?p=1096

I'm very interested in working with others on research in this field.

Mike Cosgrave

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