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        Subject: Stanford Literary Lab, Pamphlet 7. Holst Katsma, "Loudness in the Novel"

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Perhaps it was Holst Katsma’s musical education that prompted him to see loudness as a promising object for literary analysis; what is certain is that “Loudness in the Novel” takes what might have remained just a good intuition, and turns it into a strikingly effective tool for narrative theory and historical analysis. One need only look at the “score” of Book I of The Idiot, or the chart on the triumph of “said” in the nineteenth century, to realize the pamphlet's intuitive force and intellectual elegance.
“Loudness in the Novel” was conceived by Holst Katsma in 2012, when he was a junior; in 2013, a longer version won the Kennedy prize (Stanford’s highest recognition for undergraduate work in the humanities). It is a great example of what digital and quantitative research has to offer to undergraduate education.
All pamphlets of the Literary Lab can be downloaded at: http://litlab.stanford.edu/?page_id=255

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