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        Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2014 13:13:52 +0000
        From: "Lele, Amod" <lele at bu.edu>
        Subject: Are lists dying?

I have no reason to think that lists are dying. In my discipline, the Religion in South Asia (RISA-L) and Buddhism (H-BUDDHISM) mailing lists seem to be going as strong as they were fourteen years ago when I joined them. Conversely, there was a mailing list for alternative academic careers called WRK4US which transitioned to a forum website called Versatile PhD (which could push forum posts to email); my participation dropped rapidly when this happened, because I could no longer respond to a post with a simple "reply" but had to go log into the website, find my password, get to the right page, etc.

Email often feels like an antiquated technology nowadays, especially when The Kids These Days say they think it's for old people. But it's really not. So far it has proved remarkably resilient.

Amod Lele
Educational Technologist, Information Services & Technology
Lecturer, Philosophy
Visiting Researcher, Center for the Study of Asia
Boston University

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