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        From: Em Tonkin <cselt at bristol.ac.uk>
        Subject: Re: [Humanist] 28.438 the frailty of Big Data and machine learning; academic freedoms
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Also worth checking out - a blog post by Jordan about the interview
process and outcome:


'"The Delusions of Big Data and Other Huge Engineering Efforts'. 
It took me a moment to realize that this was the title that had been placed
(without my knowledge) on the interview I did a couple of weeks ago. Anyway
who knows me, or who's attended any of my recent talks knows that I
don'€™t feel that Big Data is a delusion at all; rather, it'€™s a
transformative topic, one that is changing academia (e.g., for the first
time in my 25-year career, a topic has emerged that almost everyone in
academia feels is on the critical path for their sub-discipline), and is
changing society (most notably, the micro-economies made possible by
learning about individual preferences and then connecting suppliers and
consumers directly are transformative). But most of all, from my point of
view, it'€™s a *major engineering and mathematical challenge*, one that
will not be solved by just gluing together a few existing ideas from
statistics, optimization, databases and computer systems. I.e., the whole
point of my shtick for the past decade is that Big Data is a Huge
Engineering Effort and that that'€™s no Delusion. Imagine my dismay at a
title that said exactly the opposite."

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>          Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 22:45:05 -
>          From: "Robert A. Amsler" <amsler at cs.utexas.edu>
>          Subject: The frailty of Visions of Big Data and Machine Learning

> You might find this interview interesting.
> -----
> Jordan on the Delusions of Big Data and Other Huge Engineering Efforts:
> Big-data boondoggles and brain-€‘inspired chips
> are just two of the things we’re really getting
> wrong
> By Lee Gomes
> For more see:
> http://spectrum.ieee.org/robotics/artificial-intelligence/machinelearning-maestro-michael-jordan-on-the-delusions-of-big-data-and-other-huge-engineering-efforts/?utm_source=techalert&utm_medium=email&

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