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Hello everyone: thought this program might interest some of you or your 
students. Please circulate as you deem appropriate. Thanks! -- Paul


North Carolina State University's Ph.D. program in Communication, 
Rhetoric, and Digital Media (CRDM) welcomes applications for the 2015-16 
academic year.

Deadline for applications is JANUARY 15, 2015.

The Ph.D. Program in Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media prepares 
doctoral students to analyze the social, cultural, and political 
dimensions of information technologies, new communication media, and 
digital texts and to actively engage with digital media through 
research, criticism, production, and practice. Students work with 
program faculty from the departments of Communication and English and 
with affiliated faculty from departments across the university to study 
oral, written, visual, computational, and multimodal forms of 
communication, rhetoric and digital media; to examine the transformation 
of communication in the context of digital media; and to address the 
theoretical challenges of innovative, interdisciplinary research.

Following the core seminars of the program, students create their own 
areas of focus in close consultation with our faculty. Recent choices 


    Computer-mediated communication


    Digital games and gaming communities


    Visual rhetoric


    Mobile communication


    Writing for new media


    Scientific communication


    Technology and pedagogy


    History and Theory of Digital Media

Our students additionally engage in research symposia and 
interdisciplinary opportunities at NC State University, around the 
neighboring Research Triangle Park, and internationally. At NC State, 
CRDM's CIRCUIT Studio is among several hands-on facilities for physical 
computing and digital media work along with the cutting-edge spaces and 
technology services at the NCSU Libraries. Starting in Fall 2015, CRDM 
students will also have an opportunity to pursue a graduate certificate 
in digital humanities in tandem with their own research trajectory. Our 
students have an excellent academic and professional placement rate, 
having found tenure-track positions at Michigan State University, 
Rochester Institute of Technology, University of North Texas, DePaul 
University, Nanyang Technology University (Singapore), just to name a few.

For comprehensive information about the program, faculty, and students, 
please see the CRDM website:http://crdm.chass.ncsu.edu.

Find us on social media at https://twitter.com/ncsucrdmand 

If you have any questions, please email CRDM Associate Director, Dr. 
David Rieder.

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