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        Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 13:51:01 +0100
        From: Rhodri Hayward <r.hayward at QMUL.AC.UK>
        Subject: History of the Human Sciences

Dear Colleagues

I'm writing to update you about recent editorial changes at History of the
Human Sciences and to invite new submissions to the journal  (details

If anyone would like to discuss potential submissions informally please
feel free to contact me via email.

With all good wishes,


*HISTORY OF THE HUMAN SCIENCES *aims to expand our understanding of the
human world through a broad interdisciplinary approach. The journal
publishes articles from a wide range of fields – including sociology,
psychology, anthropology, political science, philosophy, literary theory
and criticism, critical theory, art history, linguistics, and the law –
that engage with the histories of these disciplines and the interactions
between them.  The journal is especially concerned with research that
reflexively examines its own historical origins and interdisciplinary
influences in an effort to review current practice and to develop new
research directions.

James Good, the editor of History of the Human Sciences for 15 years, will
be stepping down at the end of 2014. The incoming editors are: Dr Felicity
(Durham University) [Editor-in-Chief], Dr Rhodri Hayward
http://hhs.sagepub.com/site/Editor_bios/Rhodri%2520Hayward.pdf   (Queen Mary
University of London), Dr Angus Nicholls
(Queen Mary University of London). They have assumed responsibility for new
submissions since 1 July 2014.  Dr Chris Millard
(Queen Mary University of London) takes over as the new Book Reviews Editor.
The journal also welcomes the following new members to the Advisory
Editorial Board
Dr Sabine Arnaud, Prof Cornelius Borck, Prof Jamie Cohen-Cole, Prof Stefanos
Geroulanos, Prof Sarah Igo, Prof Junko Kitanaka, Prof Rebecca Lemov, Prof
Michael Pettit, Dr Chris Renwick, Dr Sadiah Qureshi, Prof Barbara Herrnstein
Smith, Prof Marianne Sommer, Prof John Tresch, and Dr Neil Vickers.

Each editor is based in a different discipline – geography, history, andliterary studies / critical theory – and all have strong cross-disciplinary
interests. They look forward to continuing the journal’s rigorous
interdisciplinary investigation of the human condition.


The journal provides comprehensive coverage of a range of themes across the
human sciences. Special issues and sections have been devoted to:

- Historians in the Archive
- Inventing the Psychosocial
- Foucault Across the Disciplines
- Neuroscience, Power and Culture
- Reflexivity in the Human Sciences
- The New Art History
- Rhetoric and Science
- New Developments in the History of Psychology
- Writing as a Human Science
- Hans Blumenberg
- Constructing the Social
- Identity, Self and Subject
- Making Sense of Science
- Identity, Memory and History
- Who Speaks? The Voice in the Human Sciences

The new editors welcome any enquiries about the journal and suggestions for
special issues. Please write to:

Felicity Callard <felicity.callard at durham.ac.uk>
felicity.callard at durham.ac.uk

Rhodri Hayward <r.hayward at qmul.ac.uk> r.hayward at qmul.ac.uk

Angus Nicholls <a.j.nicholls at qmul.ac.uk> a.j.nicholls at qmul.ac.uk

More information is available at the journal’s website
http://hhs.sagepub.com/  (http://hhs.sagepub.com).

Dr Rhodri Hayward
Director of Graduate Studies
School of History
Queen Mary, University of London

020 7882 2863
r.hayward at qmul.ac.uk

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