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        Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2014 13:33:46 +0100
        From: Anna Kent-Muller <anna.kent_muller at btinternet.com>
        Subject: Undergraduate Dissertation in Music Representation systems

Dear all, 

I am currently a third year music student at the University of Southampton, beginning my dissertation. My dissertation is looking into the encoding of handwritten music scores, and a general review of the current music representation systems. In my own research I am yet to discover another piece of research on handwritten manuscripts being encoded. However, I though that I may find one of Handwritten manuscripts in general (not specifically music). 

I am particularly interested in how music representation systems deal with multiple editions, the removal/addition of new music, scribbling out of bars and rubbing out leaving faded first drafts on the page. And in general problems that can occur from music representation systems. 

If anyone has any of their own, or knows of any research in this, or relating areas I would be thoroughly grateful, and you would really help me complete my dissertation. 

Thank you for all your help in advance, 

Anna Kent-Muller 
Undergraduate at the University of Southampton 
alkm1g12 at soton.ac.uk 

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