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  [1]   From:    Roman Bleier <bleierr at tcd.ie>                             (24)
        Subject: VM5 Survey

  [2]   From:    Stephen Brown <sbrown at dmu.ac.uk>                          (16)
        Subject: Invitation to participate in a research proposal

        Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2014 11:26:10 +0000
        From: Roman Bleier <bleierr at tcd.ie>
        Subject: VM5 Survey

Dear list members,

We would need your help with a survey about Versioning Machine and text

The Versioning Machine (VM) is a framework and an interface for displaying
multiple versions of text encoded according to the Text Encoding Initiative
(TEI) Guidelines. Begun in 2000, there have been several major updates
since then.

Currently we are working on a new version (5.0)  and we are looking to the
community for feedback on the current version and feature requests for the

We invite you to complete a short survey to guide the redevelopment.  There
are a maximum of 27 questions, but it should not take longer than ten

Here is the link to the survey:


Many thanks for your help,
Karolina Badzmierowska, Roman Bleier and the VM team

Roman Bleier

PhD Candidate in Digital Arts and Humanities (DAH)
Trinity College Dublin
Department of History
E: bleierr at tcd.ie
LinkedIn  http://ie.linkedin.com/pub/roman-bleier/60/924/aa0 

        Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2014 12:18:22 +0000
        From: Stephen Brown <sbrown at dmu.ac.uk>
        Subject: Invitation to participate in a research proposal

Apologies for cross posting
This is the same invitation as the one I made at the end of my recent UKMW14 presentation.

Similarity Engine for Researching About Photographic History (SERAPH)

In recent years, the proliferation of online resources has shifted the balance of research away from physical archives towards online searching and browsing. However, keyword searches do not make it easy to browse for interesting ideas and relevant information when one is not sure exactly what one is looking for, even though it is often easy enough to recognise the potential of such information when one sees it. Yet arguably browsing behaviour is just as important as targeted searching for developing new ideas and making discoveries, particularly when beginning a new project and before precise questions have been formulated. SERAPH aims to develop a "similarity engine", a research tool that embodies the serendipitous nature of the physical browsing environment, analogous to browsing library shelves, to support research into photographic history. Users will be able to frame search queries, view results of similarity searches in an interactive 3D network of data nodes, zoom in and out of results, annotate, save and share their results with others.
The project team invite expressions of interest from researchers, students, scholars, dealers and anyone else engaged with photographic history to join a panel of experts for this project.  Expert panel members will help the project team to understand what a similarity engine needs to do in order to be most useful.  They will help to specify and test the user interface and evaluate the performance of the similarity engine and associated tools. The total work entailed is a maximum of 10 hours, for which a small honorarium of £200 plus expenses will be available if the funding proposal is successful.

For further details please contact Stephen Brown sbrown at dmu.ac.uk

Professor Stephen Brown
De Montfort University
Portland 2.3a
The Gateway
Leicester LE1 9BH
tel: 0116 257 7173
mob: 0787 246 3355

Director, FuzzyPhoto project http://fuzzyphoto.edublogs.org
Director, Knowledge Media Design http://kmd.dmu.ac.uk
Visiting Fellow, Centre for Distance Education, University of London International Programmes http://cdelondon.wordpress.com

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