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        Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2014 16:14:09 -0700
        From: Geoffrey Rockwell <grockwel at ualberta.ca>
        Subject: ACH Newsletter

Dear humanists,

We have collecting and digitizing old copies of the ACH Newsletter to
then share them with the community interested in the history of
computing in the humanities. We need your help to complete the collection.

We are missing:

  * Volume 1 (1979)
      o All issues
  * Volume 2 (1980)
      o All issues
  * Volume 3 (1981)
      o All issues
  * Volume 4 (1982)
      o Issue 1
      o Issue 2
      o Issue 3
  * Volume 5 (1983)
      o Issue 1
  * Volume 6 (1984)
      o Issue 1
  * Volume 17 (1995)
      o Issue 3
      o Issue 4
  * Volume 18 (1996) through present
      o All issues

If anyone has one of these issues we would like to hear from you and
find a way to get it scanned.

The issues we have scanned and deposited can be found here:


Geoffrey Rockwell

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