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  [1]   From:    Leonardo Pica Ciamarra <PicaCiamarra at ispf.cnr.it>         (17)
        Subject: "Digital Humanities from a global perspective"

  [2]   From:    "James O'Sullivan" <josullivan.c at gmail.com>               (57)
        Subject: Digital Literary Studies

  [3]   From:    "Davis, Shannon" <ssdavis at wustl.edu>                       (3)
        Subject: New collection! The Bizet Catalogue by Hugh Macdonald

        Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2014 09:56:01 +0100
        From: Leonardo Pica Ciamarra <PicaCiamarra at ispf.cnr.it>
        Subject: "Digital Humanities from a global perspective"

Dear Humanist members,

Our e-journal "Laboratorio dell'ISPF" has just published the article by 
Domenico Fiormonte, "Digital Humanities from a global perspective", 
which could be of some interest for this list: 

Leonardo Pica Ciamarra

Leonardo Pica Ciamarra
Senior Researcher, Head of the Center for Digital Humanites
Istitute for the History of Philosophical and Scientific Thought
National Research Council
via Porta di Massa, 1 - 80133 Napoli I
email: picaciamarra at ispf.cnr.it

Centro di umanistica digitale: http://www.ispf.cnr.it/UmanisticaDigitale
Portale Vico: http://www.giambattistavico.it/en
Laboratorio dell'ISPF: http://www.ispf-lab.cnr.it

        Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 12:35:51 -0500
        From: "James O'Sullivan" <josullivan.c at gmail.com>
        Subject: Digital Literary Studies

Our field's newest journal, *Digital Literary Studies* 
(http://digitalliterarystudies.org), is continuing its development. I
envision this project as being a collaborative effort across a broad
spectrum of the Digital Humanities' literary scholars, and so I hope to
keep you all posted on its progression via Humanist.

Our Advisory Board is in the process of being put in place, and we have a
number of individuals interested in taking up roles as managing editors.
However, section editors and copy editors are also required.

Editors are needed for each of the following sections (sincerest thanks to
Geoffrey Rockwell for suggesting some of these categories):

*Long Research Papers*

Original scholarly articles and research papers, both with a practical and
theoretical focus, of 5,000 – 12,000 words in length. Papers should either
approach literary criticism / analysis via computational methods, or offer
criticism / theoretical expositions of electronic literature and other
relevant topics.

*Short Positional Papers*

Well-researched and appropriately referenced positional papers will also be
considered. Positional papers are typically shorter reflective pieces with
a theoretical / critical focus. Positional papers present an opportunity
for scholars to share some of their intellectual views with the wider

*Short Quantitative Articles / Experiments*

Shorter 2,000 – 4000 word original articles with a focus on methodologies,
experimentation (both successful and failed), development, digital project
descriptions and/or reviews, as well as other more technical subject
matters, are also eligible for consideration.

*Curated Electronic Texts*

Collections of curated electronic texts which have been appropriately
encoded may be peer-reviewed. Successful collections will be made publicly
available and preserved in the Pennsyvlania State University's
institutional repository, ScholarSphere <https://scholarsphere.psu.edu/>.

*Digital Projects / Tools & Methods*

Any digital project with a literary focus will be considered for
peer-review. Contributors should submit a link to their project,
accompanied by a detailed outline of the project's design, implementation,
rationale, and scope. Where appropriate, any particular intellectual
considerations should be discussed in detail. Focus may also be given to
well-documented hermeneutical methods and tools, where the tools are
treated as a form of interpretation.

Section editors will be responsible for managing each of the aforementioned
submission types, while copy editors (often the unsung heroes but so vital
to a publication) will oversee the proofing and typesetting for the journal.

Any interested parties should contact me at josullivan at psu.edu, where
general comments on the journal, which is still very much in its formative
stage, will also be welcomed.

The CFP for Issue 1 will be announced once the Advisory and Editorial
boards are finalised.

Thanks to all.

Best regards,


*James O'Sullivan *
@jamescosullivan  http://twitter.com/jamescosullivan
Web: josullivan.org

New Binary Press: http://newbinarypress.com

        Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 19:59:42 +0000
        From: "Davis, Shannon" <ssdavis at wustl.edu>
        Subject: New collection! The Bizet Catalogue by Hugh Macdonald

Washington University Digital Library Services is happy to announce the release of The Bizet Catalogue by Hugh Macdonald<http://digital.wustl.edu/bizet/>. The collection is primarily a list of Bizet's works, providing essential information about the history and content of each one. It gives information on manuscript and printed sources, on documentary materials relating to the composition, performance and publication of each work, and is intended to provide a full historical documentation of Bizet's work as composer and transcriber.

Unlike traditional thematic catalogues of composers published as books, this one is designed as a website, managed by the Humanities Digital Workshop at Washington University in St. Louis, and deposited at the university's Olin Library. Since all such catalogues can at best be provisional, it will be possible to make additions and revisions as new information is obtained. Readers are therefore invited to submit corrections and new information by going to Contact Us http://digital.wustl.edu/ref/contact.html  and following instructions. Additional information will be added as it becomes available. The website format allows us to include information (such as reviews of performances) which would normally be excluded. An iconography is also planned.

Individual works may be accessed through the Lists of Works<http://digital.wustl.edu/bizet/works>. For further guidance about the Catalogue, go to How to Use the Catalogue http://digital.wustl.edu/bizet/ref/howtouse.html .

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