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        Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 09:14:18 +0000
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Philos-L (http://listserv.liv.ac.uk/archives/philos-l.html), an elist created for philosophers (initially in the UK, then in Europe and latterly with a global reach) in 1989, currently has 8276 members, in at least 65 countries. It is also mirrored on a Facebook page and in the googlegroup fa.philos-l.

It is in no danger of dying!

I do note that there is much less discussion on such lists than there was in the beginning - there are other fora for rapid exchange of views and queries (and I do, as listowner, discourage prolonged exchanges on list, since most members prefer to use the list for jobs, conference announcements and calls for papers). But the list is also used to ask for help to find  a paper that cannot be located online, or even to seek collaborative help with a puzzle.

Stephen Clark

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