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        Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2014 14:55:23 +0200
        From: Hartmut Krech <kr538 at uni-bremen.de>
        Subject: How to help PhDs without permanent academic jobs

With permission from Professor Eleanor Dickey, I forward
her message to CLASSICISTS-L with the results of her survey
concerning unemployed PhDs in the humanities (please see
Humanist-L 27.959). Please address Prof. Dickey directly
through the link to her website given below.
Hartmut Krech

The results of the survey on what could be done to help PhDs 
without permanent academic jobs are in; you can find them at 
http://hortensii.wordpress.com/. It turns out that there are 
quite a few things that could easily be done and would make 
a big difference to people in this unpleasant situation, and 
many of them would not even require money, so the next step 
is to do them. Therefore I would be very grateful if people 
could volunteer to help with this project, and/or put their 
names on the web site as endorsing it, and/or publicize the 
project and its web site in whatever ways you can.

I would also be grateful if everyone who forwarded the 
original surveys to any e-mail list or other group could 
also forward this message.

Let me also take this opportunity to thank most sincerely 
all the people who have helped so far: the people who took 
time to respond to the survey, the ones who wrote long 
detailed comments, the ones who read successive drafts of 
the report and found the mistakes in it, and particularly 
the Classics department at the University of Reading for 
their enthusiastic support.

Eleanor Dickey
Professor of Classics, University of Reading, UK
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