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        Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 10:27:57 -0400
        From: Lucy Barber <lucy.barber at nara.gov>
        Subject: Position as Grant Program Officer for Documentary Editions (Online and Press) at NHPRC

The National Historical Publications and Records Commission at the United
States National Archives has just posted a position for grant program
officer known as the Director for Publishing but technically as a Historian
GS-13.  We are looking for someone with knowledge of the traditions of
documentary editions as well as ideas about how moving them to online
environments will provide new opportunities (and challenges).

Our offices are located at National Archives building on Pennsylvania Ave
in Washington, DC.

The position is in the Federal government and is only open to U.S.
citizens.  The application period ends on Sept. 4, 2014.  The salary starts
at $89,924.

The advertisement is available here:

Please follow the instructions closely in How to Apply.  Failure to supply
the requested information can result in your application not being
considered even if you are very qualified.  If  you have questions, please
direct them to
Marcie L. Carrasquillo
Phone: (314)801-0857

Best wishes, 


Lucy Barber
Deputy Executive Director
National Historical Publications & Records Commission, National Archives
700 Pennsylvania Ave, Room 114
Washington, DC 20408
202-357-5306   FAX 202-357-5914


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