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        Subject: CeRch Seminar - October 15th (Linking Images and Text in
                Digital Editions of Vetusta Monumenta)

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        Subject: XV Universeum Meeting - Call for papers

        Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2013 13:18:29 +0000
        From: kcl - cerch <cerch at kcl.ac.uk>
        Subject: CeRch Seminar - October 15th (Linking Images and Text in Digital Editions of Vetusta Monumenta)

Dear all,

Please find below the details of next week's CeRch seminar: Linking Images and Text in Digital Editions of Vetusta Monumenta (Kristen Schuster, University of Missouri, Columbia)

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 from 6:15 PM to 7:30 PM (GMT)
Anatomy Theatre and Museum, King's College London:

Attendance is free and open to all, but registration is requested:
The seminar will be followed by wine and nibbles.

All the very best,
Valentina Asciutti

15th October: Kristen Schuster, University of Missouri, Columbia
Linking Images and Text in Digital Editions of Vetusta Monumenta


Published by the Society of Antiquarians of London Vetusta Monumenta is a compendium of text and images describing and representing ancient artifacts and buildings from Europe (primarily England).  Created over a number of years multiple volumes and editions of the work exist, three of which now reside in Ellis Library, Special Collections, at the University of Missouri Columbia.  Although high quality scans have been made, currently only limited descriptive, administrative or technical metadata exists. In an effort to remedy this situation a group of librarians and English Department faculty have begun collaborating to synthesize scholarly and historical commentary with images in order to explore the potential of linked data. Beginning as a ‘simple’ digital libraries project, it has since evolved into an exploration of the potential for descriptive metadata to enhance the value of digitized materials.

In particular, this project has made it necessary to ask: how should images and text interact in a digital library? Over the past decade questions like this have catalyzed a concerted exploration of information seeking behaviors in digital environments. While systems for negotiating text or images exist, each schema, protocol or controlled vocabulary is rather specialized and, thus, depends on users acquiring information or visual literacy skills – as opposed to a synthesis of the two. The collaboration between librarians and scholars has made it possible to re-contextualize the idea of linked data by directly linking scholarship to the materials it references. Using the Visual Resource Associations (VRA) VRA Core schema and Cataloging Cultural Objects content standard it has been possible to exploit the accuracy and extensibility of OCLCs Dublin Core schema through the use of SCALAR, a new digital library interface developed by the University of Southern California.  As an ongoing project participants are endeavoring to use the digital surrogates of images to enhance the readability and value of written scholarship by associating text and images in an innovate manner.


Kristen is currently a second year doctoral student in the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri Columbia. Her experiences as a librarian have primarily consisted of metadata management in visual resource departments, which has been quite useful in her current work and research in the area of digital humanities. She began collaborating with the English Department last spring to develop a digital edition of three volumes of Vetusta Monumenta, an antiquarian text of prints and essays on ancient British monuments published by the Society of Antiquaries of London.

        Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2013 23:45:44 +0200
        From: Roland Wittje <Roland.Wittje at PSK.UNI-REGENSBURG.DE>
        Subject: XV Universeum Meeting - Call for papers


Enhancing University Heritage-Based research
University of Hamburg, Germany, 12‐14 June 2014

Call for Papers

The European Academic Heritage Network UNIVERSEUM announces its 15th annual
meeting. UNIVERSEUM invites submissions of papers on academic heritage in its
broadest sense, tangible and intangible, namely the preservation, study, access
and promotion of university collections, museums, archives, libraries,
botanical gardens, astronomical observatories, and university buildings of
historical, artistic and scientific significance. The theme of the conference
is ‘Enhancing University Heritage‐Based research’, though papers on other
topics are welcomed too. Post‐graduate students are especially encouraged to

Enhancing University Heritage-Based research

Cultural heritage is widely studied, from collection studies to historical and
social studies of science, research in the natural sciences, didactic research,
museum studies, and conservation and restoration analysis. Research is one of
universities’ core missions. How can university heritage based‐research be
regarded with respect to this mission? What kind of research is being done and
how is it presented to the general public? How can we make university heritage
more relevant in research development and outreach? How does research
contribute to transform the places where universities’ everyday activities are
taking place into heritage? How can it turn artefacts, specimens, books,
manuscripts and documents produced or gathered by universities into heritage?
To what extent can university heritage as a whole be recognized as a
multidisciplinary large‐scale tool for research activities? We welcome
experiences, case‐studies and indepth papers that help us identify the nature
and specificity of these issues and concerns.

The conference language is English. Paper presentations will be 15 min or 20
min. A poster session will be also organized. Accommodation details, a
preliminary programme and the abstract template will be provided at: 


Please send abstract proposals (max 200 words) and a short biography
highlighting main research interests (max. 50 words) to the following email
address before 28 February 2014: gudrun.wolfschmidt at uni‐hamburg.de

Program Committee:
Gudrun Wolfschmidt, University of Hamburg, Chair
Marta Lourenço, University of Lisbon (Portugal)
Laetitia Maison‐Soulard, University Michel de Montaigne (France)
Sébastien Soubiran, University of Strasbourg (France)

Sofia Talas, University of Padua (Italy)
Roland Wittje, University of Regensburg (Germany).

Roland Wittje
History of Science Unit
University of Regensburg
D-93040 Regensburg
Phone: +49-941-943-3642
e-mail: roland.wittje at psk.uni-regensburg.de
If your mail bounces back at this address you can also write to me at:
roland.wittje at gmail.com

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