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        Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 10:46:32 +0100
        From: "Veronica Johansson" <Veronica.Johansson at hb.se>
        Subject: New issue of Human IT - 12.2

Dear all,

A new issue of Human IT, no. 12.2, is now available at

The four articles in this issue cover topics that range from augmented
reality simulations in a secondary science class; ways in which
teenagers appropriate digital media as they move between different
places over a day (school, home etc); ways in which people all over the
world use various types of nicknames for their mobile phones for various
purposes; and an article on what happens when Swedish welfare state
bureaucracies use information published in social media in their
exercise of authority towards their clients.

The full table of contents with links to the articles are included here

Hope you will enjoy them all!

/ Veronica Johansson, editor

P.S. We are on the lookout for someone to review two books that have
been sent to the journal (and of course the reviewer will get to keep
the book):

The (MIT Press) book Scripting Reading Motions: The Codex and the
Computer as Self-Reflexive Machines by Manuel Portela. For more
information about the book, see:

Storsul & Krumsvik (Eds.), Media Innovations: A Multidisciplinary Study
of Change (Nordicom). See:

Let  us know if you a€™re interested by sending us an e-mail to
human.it at hb.se

--- 12.2 Table of contents:---

* Editorial

* Thomas Lundblad, Claes Malmberg, Mats Areskoug & Per Jönsson
Simulating Real-Life Problems in Secondary Science Class: A
Socio-scientific Issue Carried through by an Augmented Reality

* Helena Bergström & Patrik Hernwall
Digitala medier som platsbunden resurs: Ungas handlingar och
[Digital Media as a Place Bound Resource: The Actions and Appropriations
of Young People]

* Marissa Ernlund
Myndighetsutövning i det digitalas tidevarv
[Exercise of Authority in the Digital Era]

* Marcus Persson
"Loli: I Love It, I Live with It": Exploring the Practice of Nicknaming
Mobile Phones

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