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        From: Wilhelm Ott <wilhelm.ott at zdv.uni-tuebingen.de>
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40 years ago: the first of 90 e-humanities Colloquia in Tuebingen

On November 17, 1973, the first "Kolloquium zur Anwendung der
EDV in den Geisteswissenschaften an der Universität Tübingen"
took place; the last one in this series, the 90th Kolloquium,
was held on February 5, 2005, with John Unsworth speaking on
"The importance of digitization and cyberinfrastructure in the

One of the highlights was the 50th Colloquium where Father
Roberto Busa reported on "Half a Century of Literary Computing:
Towards a 'New' Philology" (November 24, 1990, exactly 30 years
after he had organized with IBM the "Kolloquium über maschinelle
Methoden der literarischen Analyse und der Lexikographie" at the
University of Tübingen).

Some of you may remember the publication in print of the reports
of the colloquia number 1 to 83 in ALLC Bulletin and in Literary
and Linguistic Computing (and a selection of the reports in
Historical Social Research). The reports of the whole series
are available (without the English abstracts contained in the
paper publication) on www.tustep.uni-tuebingen.de/kolloq.html -
they can serve as an additional source for the history of
the development from literary and linguistic computing to
e-humanities in Germany and beyond: they cover a period of more than
30 years, from punched card times and project specific programming in
FORTRAN with output on line printers and cathod ray tube typesetters
to the internet, mobile media and e-publishing, and custom programming
being replaced by applying powerful software tools and established
standards like TEI and XML.

For colleagues interested in the history of our field, a look
at the reports could be interesting.

Best from Tübingen

Wilhelm Ott

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