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        Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 19:03:39 -0500 (CDT)
        From: Alan Corre <corre at uwm.edu>
        Subject: Tristram Shandy

The Anglo-Irish novelist Laurence Sterne was born on November 24 1713. His novel, described as a comedy skirting tragedy, "Tristram Shandy" has had great influence on other writers and is an established classic. But this eighteenth century masterpiece is difficult for moderns to read. In order to remedy this, and to celebrate the tercentenary, I have prepared an edition for the Kindle e-reader which is firmly repunctuated, gently modernized, and briefly annotated. Short notes are interpolated in the text between square brackets [ ]; longer notes are placed at the end of chapters which the reader reaches easily and then returns to his place. I hope it will enable a new generation of readers to enjoy this work, which is strikingly modern in its outlook on issues which still trouble us today. In short, I have tried to ease its archaic trappings.

Find it on Amazon.com by searching Books on "Sterne Corre".

Alan Corre

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