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        Subject: Shakespearean Configurations

Dear List-Members,

We hope some of you might be interested in the following volume, which has just been released and is freely accessible:

Shakespearean Configurations, Early Modern Literary Studies Special Issue 21 (2013)
Edited by Jean-Christophe Mayer, William H. Sherman, Stuart Sillars and Margaret Vasileiou

With contribution from Dympna Carmel Callaghan (Syracuse University), Lori Anne Ferrell (Claremont University), Atsuhiko Hirota (University of Kyoto), Jeffrey Todd Knight (University of Washington), Agnes Lafont (University of Montpellier), Jean-Christophe Mayer (CNRS and University of Montpellier), Andrew Murphy (University of St. Andrews), Svenn-Arve Myklebost (University of Bergen), William H. Sherman (University of York, UK), Stuart Sillars (University of Bergen), Sarah Stanton (Cambridge University Press)

Summary of contents: 
This collection takes a fresh look at configurations—and reconfigurations—of Shakespeare from the first quartos to the most recent incarnations. It offers new approaches for studying the packaging of the plays and poems through time, between cultures and across media. We have been prompted to explore the potential of the concept of configuration by two sweeping developments in Shakespeare Studies: the sustained attack on the idea of an authentic, original text produced by a single, isolated author; and a corresponding attention to the reformulation and assimilation of Shakespeare’s texts in cultures very different from the one in which they were created. These two areas (the one associated with Textual Scholarship and the other with Adaptation, Performance and Postcolonial Studies) have only recently begun to speak to each other, and together they pose a set of far-reaching questions which the essays gathered here seek to investigate.

Freely accessible at:  http://extra.shu.ac.uk/emls/si-21/00-Contents.htm


	• Shakespearean Configurations: Introduction. [1] Jean-Christophe Mayer (CNRS and University of Montpellier), William H. Sherman (University of York, UK), Stuart Sillars (University of Bergen)

	• Configuring the Book. [2] Andrew Murphy (University of St. Andrews)

	• Publishing Shakespeare. [3] Sarah Stanton (Cambridge University Press)

	• Punctuation as Configuration; Or, How Many Sentences Are There In Sonnet 1? [4] William H. Sherman (University of York, UK)

	• Shakespeare and the Order of Books. [5] Jean-Christophe Mayer (French National Centre for Scientific Research and University of Montpellier)

	• Shakespeare in Bundles. [6] Jeffrey Todd Knight (University of Washington)

	• Updating Folios: Readers’ Reconfigurations and Customisations of Shakespeare. [7] Noriko Sumimoto (Meisei University)

	• Extra-illustrating Shakespeare. [8] Lori Anne Ferrell (Claremont University)

	• Thoughts on the Illustrated Edition. [9] Stuart Sillars (University of Bergen)

	• The Kingdoms of Lear in Tate and Shakespeare: A Restoration Reconfiguration of Archipelagic Kingdoms. [10] Atsuhiko Hirota (University of Kyoto)

	• Mythological Reconfigurations on the Contemporary Stage: Giving a New Voice to Philomela in Titus Andronicus. [11] Agnès Lafont (University of Montpellier)

	• Difference vs. Change: The Theory of Configuration. [12] Svenn-Arve Myklebost (University of Bergen)

	• Shakespearean Configurations: Afterword. [13] Dympna Carmel Callaghan (Syracuse University)

With our best wishes,

The Editors.

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