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        Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2013 16:42:29 +0100
        From: Leif Isaksen <leifuss at googlemail.com>
        Subject: Linked Open Data ADHO Special Interest Group?

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations(ADHO) have just put
out a call for SIGs (see below)

I'd be interested in starting one for Linked Open Data in DH and
wondered if anyone else is thinking along the same lines? I should
emphasise that my key interest here is in connectivity between
independent online DH resources, rather than 'semantic/ontology
modelling' per se (which might be worth setting up as a SIG in its own
right?). The principal activities I'd personally like to see on it are

a) different projects and resource curators reaching out to connect
b) identification of common controlled vocabularies, gazetteers and thesauri
c) discussing best practice in SKOS, vocabulary management, semantic annotation

In contrast,
- nuanced scope-noting or development of specific RDF
vocabularies/ontologies, and/or
- closed interoperability projects
would probably be best kept to another list/SIG.

If anyone is interested then get in touch and we can organise a
Hangout to thrash out a full proposal. If someone has already started
one along these lines then please sign me up!

All the best


PS Despite the wording of the SIG protocol I've had it confirmed that
you don't need to be a member of an ADHO organisation to get involved.

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