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Victoria Scott wrote:

>          Subject: Academic Freedom, the Internet, and the Crisis in Higher Education in the Age of Mass Electronic Surveillance
> Hello!
> I am just beginning to do some research around this topic, and I am
> wondering if anyone might be able to suggest some readings. In short I am
> looking for the Humboldt of the Internet.

I suggest you take a look at Jaron Lanier's most recent work: "Who Owns 
the Future"


You may know Jaron Lanier as the creator of the term "Virtual Reality" 
and one of the early Open Source figures. He doesn't believe that the 
current structure of the web is economically sustainable, and he has 
much to say about surveillance. For Lanier, the culprits are not the 
CIA/NSA, but Google, Yahoo Facebook, Microsoft (the operators of the 
"Siren Servers"), etc., themselves.



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