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        Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 17:29:06 +0000
        From: "Nowviskie, Bethany (bpn2f)" <bpn2f at eservices.virginia.edu>
        Subject: ACH events at Digital Humanities 2013

The Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH) has planned a full array of activities and events for the upcoming Digital Humanities conference in Lincoln, Nebraska (July 16-19).  

We warmly invite you to participate!   http://ach.org/activities-dh2013


As part of our longstanding mentoring program, ACH promotes connections among our members and friends. People wearing a green "Please ASK" sticker at DH 2013 may have advice to offer or know about an interesting DH opportunity. Please ask them! People wearing a blue "Do TELL" sticker will be looking for professional advice and/or job opportunities -- so if you have something to offer, don't be shy! 

Pick up your stickers at the registration tables in Lincoln.


Join us for lunch at the ACH Annual General Meeting! Sure, there may be some sub-committee reports and even an important vote or two, but you haven't really experienced an AGM until you've been to our Jobs Slam! This is a lively event where prospective employees and employers have 30 seconds of floor-time to introduce themselves. Sign up: http://ach.org/jobs-slam-2013 

Also planned for this year's ACH AGM is an open program of informal lightning talks on DH pedagogy. Do you have a student project or training model to share? Want to show your syllabus or describe a new way of thinking about DH education? Sign up: http://ach.org/lightning-talks-dh2013

The ACH annual general meeting will be held at lunchtime one day during the conference. See the DH 2013 program for details soon.


Join as as we forge a new tradition! Is this your first or second time at the Digital Humanities conference? Are you a newcomer to the DH community? Meet up with a small group of newbies and ACH old-timers at a local restaurant, to forge scholarly connections and friendships.  For details and to register: http://goo.gl/IT9Ih

ACH Newcomers' Dinners will be held the evening of Wednesday, 17 July.


This is a casual outing where all current participants in the ACH Mentoring program are invited to a local pub or bar to chat with one another. The first round of refreshments is on us! Learn more about our mentoring program: http://www.ach.org/mentoring

This year, we'll meet at 7pm at the Starlite Lounge, Thursday July 18th (247 N 8th St, Suite 101, Lincoln NE 68508).

Many thanks to all of the ACH officers and executive council members who are making these events possible (and most especially to Stéfan Sinclair, Vika Zafrin, Susan Brown, Brian Croxall, and Jeremy Boggs).  

For more information, and to join ACH: http://ach.org/activities-dh2013

We look forward to seeing you in Nebraska! -- Bethany

Dr. Bethany Nowviskie
President, Association for Computers & the Humanities
nowviskie.org | scholarslab.org | uvasci.org | ach.org

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