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        Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2013 20:36:25 -0400
        From: Elliott Shore <elliott at arl.org>
        Subject: Re: 27.97 skills, scholars and scholar-librarians

I am not a regular member of your list, but a colleague who is shared these
posts with me.  I had hoped that the digital humanities might help to
function to repair a misapprehension in the academy that is a legacy of the
still prevalent late 19th century notions:   that what constitutes
scholarship in the academy is exclusively the work of the professoriate.  I
imagine we can all agree that the production of knowledge does not belong
solely to those with the privilege that comes with that role.  The move
towards interdisciplinarity started to acknowledge that the construction of
those boundaries within faculty divisions needed to be breached, but it
seems that it was only a half-way measure.  It ignored the students,
librarians and information technologists as members of that
interdisciplinary community – it seems to have continued to reserve the
exclusive rights of scholarship to the faculty.

That we are still stuck in the academic world with all kinds of legacy
thinking is not surprising – but this particular artifact seems strikingly
out of place for digital humanists, whose work is by definition

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