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        Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2013 14:12:54 +0530
        From: Amlan Dasgupta <amlan04 at gmail.com>
        Subject: Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Digital Humanities and Cultural Informatics


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*The School of Cultural Texts and Records, Jadavpur University,  announces
the inauguration of  a two-semester (one-year) Post Graduate Diploma in
Digital Humanities and Cultural Informatics. The course will commence from
late July, 2013. For details, please write to sctrdhci at gmail.com and visit
our blog *http://sctrdhci.wordpress.com/

The course is being offered with financial support from the  University
Grants Commission, India, under its Innovative Programmes Scheme.**

The Post-Graduate Diploma in Digital Humanities and Cultural Informatics
will help students develop firstly, a critical sense of the problems of the
humanities in an age of digital technology, and secondly, the analytical
and practical skills to understand and apply computing to the source
materials and problems of the humanities.

With the proliferation of digital technology and its use in every field of
cultural activity, there is a growing need to impart key skills in digital
content management – creation, preservation, delivery and study – to
individuals who will thereafter be in a position to use them in a wide
variety of employment contexts.

At the core of the programme is the attempt to use digital technology and
computational methods to enhance the study of the imaginative variety of
cultural expression. The challenge for the humanities is to use machine
language and capacities to deal with cultural material that is not easily
quantified or processed. By creating structured models out of the irregular
and disparate data of the humanities, the students will learn to judge how
the application of computing can be made to produce interesting results and
also to learn how these analytical and practical processes can throw new
light on the object of study.

Of all institutions in India, Jadavpur University may be the best equipped
to offer such a course, as it has a rare combination of a strong Faculty of
Arts and an equally strong Faculty of Engineering and Technology, existing
side by side. There is thus unique scope for a synergy of cultural and
technological perspectives. Moreover, the university is located in the
vibrant cultural centre of Kolkata, and can draw upon the collections,
expertise and ambience of its many galleries, museums, libraries and
archives, and its intensive programme of cultural activities.**

For more about the School, please visit:


Our Online Tagore Variorum website is now functional:




Amlan Dasgupta
Professor, Department of English
Director, School of Cultural Texts and Records
Jadavpur University
Kolkata 700032, India

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