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        Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2013 17:15:10 +0200
        From: Olivier Le Deuff <oledeuff at gmail.com>
        Subject: Survey about digital humanities and literacies

Following the results (in french) of the survey “Who are you digital
humanists?"  http://blog.homo-numericus.net/article11138.html,  it’s
time to announce that our survey is online now. The survey is conducted in
the context of the research project Humanlit<http://humanlit.hypotheses.org/>
 (Digital Humanities and Literacies) funded by the
ISCC http://www.iscc.cnrs.fr/%E2%80%8E.

You have one month to answer. The survey will be closed at 3rd of July.

Our goal is to examine the literacies and  the skills needed in digital
humanities projects.

The results will be published on license CC0.

This survey is for scholars. Another survey is planned for librarians.

The survey in English version :


And in French :


Best regards
Olivier Le Deuff.
Maître de conférences en SIC. / Assistant professor
Laboratoire Mica. Université de Bordeaux 3.



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